American Dad Gone Bananas

Well, folks – I’ve finally arrived. Sure, I braved hurricanes in Key West, about starved to death on an island, faced heights, altitude, elements, and enemies all over the world; but tonight I debut a new talent in my arsenal... ANIMATION!!! Not the kind of animation we’re talking when I’m ripping on rookies, fighting with CT or stirring the pot with (insert female cast members name) I’m talking literal animation! Any American Dad! fans out there? Well, if you’re not you should be. For tonight at least. Tune in to TBS at 10/9c and watch what unfolds when you blend bananas and cartoons. I had such a blast making this episode with the awesome cast and crew of American Dad! and who knows? Maybe one day when I’m ready to hang up my bandana and call it quits, I can try my hand in cartoon work. But that’s a long way off, this GOAT still has some scores to settle and battles to be won. Thanks for tuning in and make sure to catch me tonight on American Dad! and tomorrow at my usual spot on The Challenge. Bananas two ways, what could be better?!