Banana (No) Split Day

Hey Bananimals! So, did you know that the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper? How fitting. Today marks the first anniversary of when I pulled the most infamous move in Challenge history, and thanks to Sarah I’ve got more paper than I know what to do with! A year is a long time to reflect. I know a lot of you have come around and realized – we aren’t here to make friends. The show was called Rivals, was it not? After I took the money and ran, I never thought I’d hear the end of it. For a hot second, I was easily the most hated man on reality television (and let’s not forget I share this stage with Americas most despised ginger Wes Bergman).

But time has a funny way of working itself out. So many fans and non-fans alike are now able to put emotion aside and see what I did in the Rivals III finale for the baller move it was. Sure, I’m the guy you love to hate. And yeah, this was no different. But how lame a final would that have been? Sarah and I just split the money and waltz off in to the sunset? Sorry, but that was never going to happen. And I know a lot of you like to talk about karma, how one day it’s gonna catch up to me. But I like to think that 1 year ago today, it did. And so did Sarah’s. No job is too dirty if you’re not the one doing it, right? So, stay tuned. They’re not calling it Dirty XXX for nothing.